Chosing default window manager

Chosing default window manager

Post by Micha Feigi » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00

I am having a problem changing the default window manager
The system automaticlly logs me on the twm WM
I know the system also has the fvwm server installed but
i don't know how to switch to it
its a big server (i loging in from a  Pc as a console), its not
a PC so i need to change the default server just for me.
If anyone can help me


1. how do you open other window managers in a window manager

I like using ICE as my w.m.  but sometimes I like the look of
WindowMaker.  How can I open this up in Ice.

also, can I use KDE as my default and then be able to use Ice or WM as
above?  The only reason I'm asking is that KDE is an environment while
the other two are managers.

also , does anyone know where i can get a tutorial or a good web site
on Ice.  the main site seems to be down or misplaces or something.

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