bootp og tftp(d) for booting a HP JETDIRECT printer.

bootp og tftp(d) for booting a HP JETDIRECT printer.

Post by Lars L. Madse » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi there, we need to connect a HP printer with the JETDIRECT inface
box. The software supplied by HP is for HP-UX Solaries and one more
unix flavour, but not Linux.

How can install and configure my printer ? I was hopeing that i could
setup the linux box as a bootp server to give the printer an IP# and
then telnet to printer.

Has any of you experince using the HP JETDIRECT box ?
Where can I find more information about setting linux up as a
bootp server?

Regard Lars L. Madsen

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bootp og tftp(d) for booting a HP JETDIRECT printer.

Post by Stefan Werden Arbe » Tue, 16 Jan 1996 04:00:00

For bootpd you have to compile the boopd sources. This daemon is not
part of some linux distribution. Is very easy. You can get the sources
from or another side.



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I am running ISC's dhcp/bootp server on Solaris 2.5.1.  I setup bootp
relay on our routers so that I can have one central bootp/dhcp
server.  Everything works well, except for getting our HP JetDirect
printer cards to download configurations via tftp.

It works fine using an old 'Carnegie Mellon' bootp server by
specifying the following line in the bootptab:

I assume this T144 is a vendor-related tag, so in the dhcpd.conf I
        option option-144 "hpnp/moe.cfg";

From the test page on an HP LaserJet 8000 N, it verifies that it
retreived the correct IP information, but CONFIG FILE: NOT SPECIFIED
results as well.

I have tried using the option 'filename "hpnp/moe.cfg";' without luck
also.  Anyone else get this to work?  Thanks in advance.


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