redhat-5.1 "comps file is not version 0" error

redhat-5.1 "comps file is not version 0" error

Post by Jesse » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

While installing RedHat 5.1 from an ftp directory that I recently pulled

off of a redhat mirror (sunsite) (I got everything working great
including the network with no problems) I ran into the error dialog:
"Comps file is not version 0 as expected"
does anyone have any experience with this error?
I really don't know how to continue, and I was hoping to get a quick
answer to avoid buying a CD, and waiting for it in the mail (I'm just a
typical impatient computer user, faster faster faster! :-) )


I figure I can't be the only person to have run into this... Thanks for
any help.


I looked at the RedHat/base/comps file, and it starts like this:
** start comps

1 Base

**snip! comps


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Hey all-

I'm trying to install Linux off of a Zip disk, onto my main HD.  I've
partitioned everything properly, but the installer gives me the error:

"comps file is not version 0 as expected"

before it begins to install.  After the error, I'm prompted to select my
packages, and the installer seems to work, but right after the part where
I'm told where the install log will be stored, the installer poops out and
forces itself to quit.

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