Help please: Lost Iso9660 support after recompiling kernel

Help please: Lost Iso9660 support after recompiling kernel

Post by Diderich Buch, InfoStream A » Fri, 11 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I really hope someone can help me with this: BTW, I'm running RH 5.1
"out of the box."

Today I was on my way to install i4l but obivously needed to be able to
compile the kernel,
so I installed the kernel-source-rpm from the CD.  I the recompiled my
kernel and to my surprise I now no longer have iso9660 support.

1) I've gone through "Make menuconfig" and checked, and my IDE ATAPI
drive is enabled,
    FS ISO9960 is enabled (yes) as well.  But nope, doesn't work.

2) I tried to set ISO9660 as Module (M) and recompiled but nope, still
doesn't work.

3) /proc/filesystems doesn't mention iso9660 at all..

Any good ideas please?

Thanks in advance


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to detect the type of mouse. After that he verified that the settings in
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I have no idea about this! If gpm works, and /usr/sbin/mouseconfig is
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Someone having any suggestions? My friend realizes that he could just
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Erik Kaffehr

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