Sanyo IDE CD-ROM CR-254P

Sanyo IDE CD-ROM CR-254P

Post by Squeeg » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am running Linux 1.2.13 on a NexGen P-90 with a Promise 2300+ EIDE controller.  With a dos hd
on hda and a dos hd with linux on hdb and a sanyo cd-rom that should be seen on hdc.  but when
I boot linux and it checks for my cd-rom it does not see the Sanyo IDE 4X CD-ROM CR-254P.  
When I installed linux my second hd was on hdc.  I moved it to get increased speed.  The first
two hd spots are EIDE and the second two are only IDE.  Could this be the reason that I am
having problems.  ALso is there a way to capture the output when booting to view in a text
editor at some later time. I am using the idenet kernal that comes on the a set of disks with
the slackware distribution.  Does the Sanyo CD-Rom require an additional driver?   Anyone with
a suggestion please e-mail me.  Thank you.



1. SANYO CRD-254P CD-ROM Driver ?

  I have a SoundBlaster 16 AWE sound card and Sanyo CD ROM driver.

  I installed Linux 1.2.13 that supports SoundBlaster 16 AWE sound card.
  However, this version of Linux does not support my CD ROM Driver
  ( Sanyo CRD-254P 4X internal CD ROM driver).

  Does Linux 1.3.xx support this CD ROM driver ?
  If not, is there any other way to install this CD ROM driver ?

Thank you in advance.

Kang Park

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