CDROM: Linux won't recognize it- Please help

CDROM: Linux won't recognize it- Please help

Post by Bob and Marcia Kneus » Tue, 21 Nov 1995 04:00:00

> Hello. I amattempting to install kernal 1.2.X from infoMagic. I know
>how to do the installation, but i want it to recognize my CD ROM unit
>which it doesn't. Any suggestion would be extremely helpful and appreciated.
>I have the Hard Disk connected to and IDE controller which is recognized
>without any problem.
>I have a 4X SCSI CDROM connected to a seperate SCSI Card. When the SCSI is
>setup and installed through DOS I get the message:
>Copyright (C) 1986,87,88,88,90,91,92,93,94 Future Domain Corp.
>SCSI CD-ROM Loadable Driver
>    SCSI  0  LUN  0  UBIT 0  MATSHITACD-ROM CR-504    ST22
>The SCSI card is a Jazz 16 Sound Card. The CDROM is the only
>device connected to this card.
>If you can suggest something it would be a great help.

Try using the sbpcd sound driver.  The sound card is acting like a limited
scsi interface, but the 'standard' linux scsi drivers will not pick up
CD roms that are piggybacked off the sound card.  That is what the sbpcd
driver is for.  It will probe looking for your cd rom.  I have the same
kind of CD rom drive you do, but I have a FORTE 16 sound card instead of a
Jazz.  Try sbpcd, it should do the trick.

- Bob

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