Has anyone seen a gamepad how-to?

Has anyone seen a gamepad how-to?

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I have never found one.

1. Having problems getting the Adaptec 1522b (ISA) seen

I've been trying to get our new AHA-1522B to work without
  success, it is the plug/play version.  In the past I had
  no problem with IN2000 or AHA-1542 some problems with both
  the AHA-2840/42 (very slow since version 2.0.0) and AMD53C974
  but were always get them to work.  This time I can't even see
  the controller.  When the system boots and before LILO loads
  it sees the controller and the connected devices but that is
  it.  I built the kernal several times to no end.  I also stripped
  the machine down to the bare minimum (no other controller the
  the execption of the builtin ones  IDE and floppy)

  Has anyone else seen this problem.



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