AMD 5x86/133 doesn't boot Linux 2.0.29

AMD 5x86/133 doesn't boot Linux 2.0.29

Post by Andrew Jarm » Sun, 16 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I am trying to install Linux (from Slakeware 3.0 base) onto a new system.  I
have a full linux setup running perfectly from my hard drive, and it works
great on an Intel 486/33 machine.

When I try to boot the disk on the new computer, I get half way though the
kernel, then everything goes nuts and I get numbers in <> all over the screen.
Exact symptoms vary a little, but the end result is always the same.

I rebuilt the kernel, made a new boot floppy, and tried again, but it always
dies soon after the kernel starts.  

I turned off L1, L2 cache, PCI settings, IDE controller, almost everything I
could think of, yet still I can't boot.

PLEASE, if you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them.  I really need
to get this box working.  

If you had a similar problem, and if you got around it, please let me know
what you did.

Please send email as well as posting.
Thanks a lot,


1. SOLVED: Booting AMD 5x86/133 on linux

To all of you who sent me mail, thank you.

My problem was that I could not boot Linux 2.0.29 on a motherboard with an
AMD5x86 processor.  The harddrive (and floppy boot disk) worked great on
another system.  When I booted, I got half-way through the kernel boot, then
all kinds of numbers started flying past, then the system would reboot.

I got a suggestion to turn off APM settings in the BIOS.  I did this, but no

This got me thinking, so I started changing settings on the motherboard.  It
turns out that if I set the jumpers for an AMD486DX4, the system started
perfectly.  (These jumpers are also the same as the Cyrix 586 part).  I think
my BIOS uses these jumpers to change some settings.  

Linux boots fine, and runs great.


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