Metro-X shutdown snows screen

Metro-X shutdown snows screen

Post by Ted P » Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:00:00

After using Slackware and XFree86, I've brought up a new machine using

Generic 13" (which pretty much describes it);  my card is TSENG
4200W32.  At boot time, the text screen has no problems.  FVWM95
starts up and runs well.  Upon shutting down FVWM95, the screen
display is totally snowed.  Can anyone provide some info on where to
start troubleshooting this?



1. Screen corruption using #9 I128 and Metro-X

I'm using the Redhat 4.0 distribution and some X apps will cause
corruption of the screen.  I've got a #9 I128 w/4MB.  I've run at 32bpp
and 16bpp with similar results.  Netscape, Red Baron, and various other
X apps can be used to cause this corruption.  The window manager is

Has anyone seen anything similar?


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