Linux 2.0.30, SMP, Efficiency, and Distributed Net/RC5

Linux 2.0.30, SMP, Efficiency, and Distributed Net/RC5

Post by Richard A Lou » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have a Tyan 1662S motherboard with two PPro150's o/c to 166MHz,
this runs Debian Linux kernel 2.0.30 with SMP set for two processors.

Both processors are detected, no problems aparrent.

As a test :-) I downloaded an SMP client program from
the program is called rc564 and it adds my machine to the distributed
net effort to crack a 64 bit rc5 key.

The program has a benchmark option which shows that the machine
processes about 460,000 keys per second.

Distributed Net's web pages list benchmarks for single and
multi-processor machines. A single processor ppro150 should process
about 450,000 keys per second.

The multiprocessor pages would indicate that a twin PPro200 machine
running NT4 would process about 1,000,000 keys per second. Linux SMP
machines deliver about half this figure.

It would appear that Linux SMP is about half as efficient as WinNT
for multiprocessors for this application.

I tried changing the nice values, with no noticeable effect.

If I am wrong about Linux efficiency, please tell me. Also are later
kernels more efficient at running SMP?


Rchard A Lough


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I am RedHat 6 Newbie..install is good and gnome works fine ....PII400 128MB
RAM Voodoo3 3000

I have used in windows and would like to run in Linux

How do you know which version I should Install?
            [glibc? libc?  what is the difference?]
Is there a RPM version?

Following instructions for Voodoo3 I came across a line which wanted you to
check the version of glib...its I figured I try to download the
glibc version of RC5....I created a folder in the root directory called
/install exploded it and tried to install, however I get a error.....I
couldnt find any info on nor so I am
posting here.

What folder should I put downloads in?

Thank you for your time

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