reinstall or remove lilo from master boot record?

reinstall or remove lilo from master boot record?

Post by Tariq MAL » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 16:09:11

I have got three partitions on my hard disk, /dev/hda1 (dos), /dev/hda2 (swap) a
nd /dev/hda3 (Linux). Few days ago system crashed. After that I could not boot L
inux. I reinstalled linux (1.1.59 kernel) from scratch.      

I installed full slackware release but It dosen't gives me an option to reconfig
ure lilo. Previously system used to come up with the dual boot prompt. Now it co
mes up with


and then it hangs. If I put the boot disk in A drive then it boots. Once booted
I can mount the hard disk and check my /mnt/etc/lilo.conf file (it is there). I
tried to reconfigure with /mnt/sbin/liloconfig but it says cannot access device

I reinstalled the system again (making sure lilo is installed). refomated /dev/h
da2 and /dev/hda3. But the setup menu never asks to set lilo and liloconfig dose
n't execute completely.

Any help will be appritiated. Thanks in advance.

Tariq Malik


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I was using Linux; however, I'm giving my computer to a friend, and he
wants to use DOS.  So I repartitioned my hard drive (using DOS's
FDISK).  Then I reformatted my hard drive (using DOS's FORMAT).  Now
when I try to boot off the hard drive, I get the following:

        LILO Loading Linux..........
        No setup signature found...

Then the computer hangs.  It seems to me that my FDISKing and
FORMATing failed to modify in the right way the master boot record (I
could be wrong about this).

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

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