Mgetty 0.98 + Shadow Login Error

Mgetty 0.98 + Shadow Login Error

Post by J.S. Kinsle » Thu, 11 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have been running Linux since April, and have been able to figure out
all errors and other problems I encounter.  However, I am now getting an
error with the shadow login which I can not seem to figure out.

I installed Mgetty 0.98 Back in May.  My friend and I tested the dial-in
line and everything worked fine.  Later in June I installed
Shadow-960129.  I had no problems with that at te time, so I moved on to
Sendmail & INN (Aghhh!!).  Today however, I was ready to test a bbs
package and that is when the error occured.  

I had my friend call and (try to) login, but when he entered his user
name (both his shell account and the generic bbs account usernames) the
following error would occur:

        No utmp entry.  You must "login" from the lowest level "sh".

We narrowed this down to having to do with shadow login and mgetty.  I
have never encountered this problem with any console login, and I do not
encounter it with telnet logins (both from localhost and inbound from a
remote site).

My lowest level sh is bash 1.14.5(1).
My kernel is 2.0.2 compiled with gcc 2.7.2 and libc 5.3.12.

My /etc/utmp, /var/adm/utmp, /var/log/utmp, and /usr/adm/utmp are all
links to /var/run/utmp which is the real file.

I have tried tweeking different config settings for mgetty,
/etc/login.defs and a few others, but nothing seems to work.  In
addition, Mgetty works fine with my fidonet connection via ifmail.

I have looked over the documentation, but did not find anything within
to even point me the right direction.  When I searched the *.linux.*
newsgroups and mailing list archives, I found that numerous people have
encountered this same login error in similar situations, but I was
unable to find any solution.

If anyone has already encountered and solved this problem, please let me

I work 16 hour shifts for the next 3 days and will not get a chance to
read news till the weekend.  All flames will be piped to /dev/null. ;-)