Easiest way to install Linux on MicroChannel machine?

Easiest way to install Linux on MicroChannel machine?

Post by Timur Tab » Wed, 11 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have a PS/2 70-A21 upgraded to a 486/25.  I'd like to install
Linux on this machine, and I understand the latest kernel has
MicroChannel support.  However, is there a distribution that
includes this recent level of the Linux kernel?


1. XGA-2 video adapter.  I can pull it out and use the onboard
VGA if necessary
2. 16MB RAM, 120MB internal ESDI hard drive
3. SCSI adapter, with external 1GB Jaz drive available

I can jerry-rig a SCSI CD-ROM drive to the computer if I have
to, to install off a CD.  I would much rather not download
gobs of files and compile kernels and whatnot - after all,
if I could boot Linux far enough to compile the kernel, I
wouldn't need to compile the kernel any more, right?


Crystal Semiconductor, a division of Cirrus Logic

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1. Can you install Linux on a Microchannel (MCA) machine?

Yes you can.  I've done it myself (fortunately a SCSI system--much easier
that way).

check out

That page contains a couple of disk images that you need to boot the system
as "normal" boot disks won't work.  Once you have it booted you can install
normally with slackware or whatever distribution you want.  I didn't have a
CD-ROM so i got to do a floppy-install (not much fun).

Good luck

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