redhat Linux 5.2 problems with a Diamond Viper V330 AGP card.

1. Diamond V330 AGP and RedHat 5.2

Someone please help!

I've just installed Redhat 5.2 and am using the latest XFree86
SVGA server, I believe. I'm having the same problem I had last
time I attempted Linux:  everything is fine except I get a little
(annoying, and maybe damaging?) snowing effect when moving windows with
my V330 AGP video card.  I can't figure out what fine tuning I need to
do; this card is supposed to be "supported" in this latest version of
XFree86, but I'm still getting snow and I'm worried this will damage the
card/monitor.  Further more 24bpp gives me the same effect, and I'd
rather not be stuck with 16bpp.  Thanx a ton for any help!!  Please


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