PPP -- Addressing IP Numbers Dynamically

PPP -- Addressing IP Numbers Dynamically

Post by Carlos Carval » Sun, 24 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi there people,

I have some problems trying to setup a pppd script to allocate IP Numbers to
different COM ports in the same machine (No Multiserial Card, plainly COM 1
and 2).  I'm using the 1.2.13 kernel and the only problem I had so far with
pppd was to set it up to use the arp table (dull me, didn't read pppd
manpage regarding the proxyarp parameter. :) ).

Well, anyone which could help me, please reply by e-mail.

Carlos Carvalho


1. Dynamically allocating IP addresses to PPP clients?

I've read most of the FAQ's and couldn't seem to find out how to do
this. How does one dynamically allocate IP addresses from a pool, to
dialup users connecting via PPP?

Also - does one have to create a copy of all user accounts with a
capital 'P' at the beginning,  with your PPPD script as their shell - or
is there a script out there to automate this task.


Mark Maunder

   Software Engineer

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