Disk quota's

Disk quota's

Post by Ned Bryan » Mon, 25 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Trying to setup disk quota's on a RedHat distribution (v2)...
I'd like to be able to setup quotas by user and/or group.
However, 'quota' is not installed. Not sure where to go from here... I've tried looking
through all the HOWTO's and online documentation, including the FAQ.
I've also looked at the new RedHat distribution which is availiable and see no mention
of accounting/quotas, etc.

Email help and/or pointer's to info would be appreciated.

- Ned


1. file format of 'quotas' (Solaris disk quota system)?

I need help.

     What is the format of 'quotas' used to turn on the quota system. I read
the man page on 'quotaon', it says one needs to have a file named 'quotas' on
the root directory, refer 'edquota' for more detail. When I read 'edquota', it
refers back to 'quotaon' for detail. ---> <----!!

     Any one please provide the format of the file 'quotas'? Please email
if possible.

     Thank you very much.
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++ Assistant Professor      The University of Texas -- Pan American         ++

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