Need advice on adding extra COM Ports (have already read the FAQ's...)

Need advice on adding extra COM Ports (have already read the FAQ's...)

Post by Patrick Stickle » Wed, 13 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I've read through the various HOWTO's and FAQ's about adding extra serial
to my machine, but have not found as definitive an answer as I would like.

I need to add a number of serial devices (a printer, a SLIP cable to
machine, an Amateur Radio multimode controller (like a modem)) but all of
HOWTO's talk about is adding dial in/out modem banks. Can something like
Boca 16 port controller work with any arbitrary serial device? Can I plug
several 2-port DB9 serial port cards into my machine (like the ones used
most PC's for COM3 and COM4)? Do the multiport cards with telephone-like
sockets just need DB9 adapters? One HOWTO mentions a special adapter


Any suggestions/solutions offered will be greatly appreciated.



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