Help: Getting sliplogin to work with trumpet

Help: Getting sliplogin to work with trumpet

Post by nna.. » Sat, 21 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am having trouble with my sliplogin server.  
                -I phone up the server using trumpet for windows
                -the computer picks up
                -I enter my username + password
                -it automatically runs 'sliplogin'      and says
                        starting slip
                - I press excape in trumpet to enable its slip

                - I then go to a program called trumPING and try to
                        ping the server.        It works
                -I then try to ping a remote server or my router, It doesn't

        I have included my slip.hosts file and my slip.login file.

        I think the problem is that my login file does not have the proper arp
                to talk to my router. Though I havn't been able to find any
                docs about this.

        I can telnet and things like that in unix shell, mind you, so I know my
        connection is up

                Here ara my files:

inprov:/etc$                 cat slip.login

#! /bin/sh -
/sbin/ifconfig $1 $4 pointopoint $5 mtu 1500 arp -trailers up
/sbin/route add $5
#/sbin/arp -v -s $6 00:00:C0:53:75:43 pub
#/sbin/arp -t -a                                                                 #  now if I try to uncomment any of these                                                              
exit 0                                                                                # arp lines, it doesnt work at all

inprov:/etc$                   cat slip.hosts

sstaff   normal

                                                please respond by mail


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