pcmcia install: Failed to connect to server (Mandrake 7.1)

pcmcia install: Failed to connect to server (Mandrake 7.1)

Post by mandrakese.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

i hooked up my laptop to the ethernet network and want to do a pcmcia
install.  i use the mandrake 7.1 pcmcia boot floppy, the penguin image
comes up, i choose "HTTP" as install media, i choose "DHCP" as IP, enter
the download site and directory, and that's as far as i get.  the
program writes "Retrieving base/mdkinst_stage2.gz..." and after 15
minutes (!) it finally decides that it does not work: "Unable to
retrieve the second stage ramdisk: Failed to connect to server".

the same problem occurs when choosing "FTP" instead of "HTTP" and
choosing an ftp server instead of an http server. in fact, the same
problem (and the same 15 minute wait!) occurs when i type a wrong ftp
directory.  the network seems to be working though: when i mistype the
server name, i get an error message within seconds.

any ideas?

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128 Mgs RAM

Best regards,
Paulo J. Matos aka PDestroy
ICQ UIN - 361853

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