To PPP or not PPP...

To PPP or not PPP...

Post by J. D. Ken » Fri, 18 Jun 1999 04:00:00

OK, since I'm a newbie to Linux, I'm probably missing something simple

running Slackware 3.1.0
kernel 2.0.27
ppp ver. 2.2.0
14.4 MultiTech ex. modem

I'm trying to get ppp to work on this minimalist 386 based old laptop,
which I'm using as a stand alone system to learn with since I cant
afford anything else at the moment.

I'm working through the ppp-howto. Doing OK until about half way
through. Made sure host.conf and resolf.conf are there and ok. Got to
the point in the how-to where it suggests to test the modem connection
by using minicom to log in to my ISP. This seemed to go ok, got the
login and password prompts, and the garbage for the ppp starting up.
Then it suggests getting out of minicom without resetting, and typing
the following: pppd -d -detach /dev/ttyS0 38400 &

OK. Then it says type ifconfig. Well... it's supposed to say the PPP is
up and running. Not me. What I get is UP: BROADCAST LOOPBACK. If I look
in syslog I see a message that says: receive send link is not 8-bit
clean. Problems: all had bit 7 set to 1. If I look in /var/log/messages
I see a message stating local loopback set, and the modem disconnects.

After several tries at this these poor old eyes of mine have become very
blurry. Any hints at this point?


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To PPP or not PPP...

Post by Ian Brig » Fri, 18 Jun 1999 04:00:00

:OK, since I'm a newbie to Linux, I'm probably missing something simple

Yes, it's Bill Unruh's step-by-step guide "How to hook up PPP" at ...       :-)

Good luck.



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PPP, and everything goes fine till I connect... After I connect the host
where i'm connected is Okay and everything seems to be Okay. but when I do
I simple ping to my own IP (not localhost but my assigned fixed IP) it says
unable to reach host.. I think the hardest thing to setup in linux is PPP
:( .. geee...

I have the Slackware 3.0 stuff... and I feel like i'm a newbie.. :(

Is out there any better FAQs or How-TOs for the PPP connections ???

bye !

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