Can't get dial-ins, anyone?

Can't get dial-ins, anyone?

Post by Jay Kicklit » Mon, 16 Sep 1996 04:00:00

My problem is that I can't get my Linux system to accept dial-ins.
I have everything set up properly (I think), but when I call the number,
the modem doesn't pick up.

These are all the modifications I have made to the sys files:



# Dial-in ports

D0:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty ttyS3 38400 vt100

INIT="" ATZ\r OK\r\n ATE1Q0V1S1=0S0=1&C3&D3&W0\r OK\r\n ATZ\r OK\r\n


SETSERIAL="/bin/setserial -b"

${SETSERIAL} /dev/cua3 ${AUTO_IRQ} skip_test autoconfig spd_hi

Am I missing anything?




1. Can ISP detect when dial-ins are 'overloaded' ?

Is this really SO difficult to understand !?!
If you don't realise that internet communication via dialup
[and also not via dialup] entails a series of traffic flows,
consider the following analogy.

You plan to make a pysical journey thus:
1. collect your documents.
2. lock the house.
3. walk to the bus stop.
4. board the bus
5. walk from the bus to your destination.

If there's a bus 'strike' causing busses to be much
delayed, and you KNOW of such then you can make an
intelligent decision to re-schedule your journey to another

Similarly the ISP's system knows that congestion is
causing an extra wait  before the client is PAP-confirmed.
And by feeding back a telco engaged signal to before
receiving modem will save their client the futile telco
connect cost.

Similarly if you KNOW that there will be a long
queue/wait at a facility, you can intelligently decide to
NOT start your 'journey' and rather 'try another time'.  
But NOT if the 'signal' is not fed back from the
over-loaded facility to the client.

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