Sound Blaster 16 PnP x Creative CD-ROM 4x PC2 Question

Sound Blaster 16 PnP x Creative CD-ROM 4x PC2 Question

Post by af » Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Excuse me if that is an very simple question.
My CD-ROM is connected in the SB16 PnP. My box Linux don't recognize.
The question is what the type of my CD-ROM : ATAPI, IDE, proprietary
My CD-ROM is an OAK Techonology OTI-011 and use drive 0, port 168 and
irq 10 .
My Sound Blaster 16 PnP use irq 5 and port 220.
Is there any driver to it? How can I do this work???
I need your help!!!!

Tks in advance


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Hi all

My linux box don't recognize my SB16 and too the CDROM 4x Funai CD
I tried several types of disk boot driver of the my Slackware 3.1
Linux box (kernel 2.0.29).
I use floppy boot kernel.
The CDROM is attached in the SB16 Pro . The SB occupied the ide2 (in
the ide0 is  my two HD,s and ide1 is free).

Any help ??

Thanks in advance

Any help would be appreciated
(Any critique to my article or mail would be appreciated too !!!)

"Please don't flame. I'm an poor newbie

Pentium 133 Mhz, 16 MB, CD ROM 4X SB16
Linux 2.0.27 Slackware 3.1 (96) Boot Disk
hda (w95), hdb1 (dos) and hdb2,3 (LINUX)

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