Jumper-less IDE-controler

Jumper-less IDE-controler

Post by Tom Michiel » Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:00:00


I had a lot of problems, making linux recognise my ATAPI CD-ROM
on my second (jumper-less) ide-controller.  
In dos/win96 the ide-controller seems to be initialised by a special
program. The only way to make my CD-rom work in linux is loading
the special program in Dos and doing a soft-reboot.
My question is:
 Does somebody know a way to work around this without having to buy a
 new controller?

Tom Michiels


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here in Japan, there are CDROMs with IDE-PCMCIA cards on the market
available as well as SCSI-PCMCIA cards. What is not availible are
PCMCIA-IDE cards or adaptors to hook up an ide (desktop) harddisk to a

Why is that ? For technical reasons ? Or for marketing reasons (i.e.
the computer industry wants to push SCSI which is more expensive) ?



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