Help:XF86Config for Mpact2 DVD card?

Help:XF86Config for Mpact2 DVD card?

Post by Joseph Ku » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone got a working XF86Config for Mpact2 DVD card?
This video card is come with Gateway2000 Machine.
If so, please email me.

Many thanks


1. Configuring STB Nitro DVD with MPACT2 with X


I desperately need some advise on configuring the STB Nitro DVD card under
XFree86. I cann't find info anywhere on this card :-(. The best I got up to
now is the lowest resolution.

I am using Red Hat 6.0 on a Gateway 2000 G6-300. The videocard is Gateways
version of the STB Nitro DVD videocard, which is based on the MPACT!2
processor. My monitor is a Gateway EV700. I am looking for mode settings the
card can support, as well as the right X video driver (the SVGA one
probably), including clockchip settings. Gateway nor STB is able to help.
Also, the RedHat pages don't mention this card, nor do the searchengines
give valuable links.

If  I find the solution, ever, I will publish it on a webpage.....

Many thanks in advance.

    Jasper Blom

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