printer/official name

printer/official name

Post by Scott Andrysk » Wed, 01 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I've recently installed linux but I cannot get my printer to print.
When I type lpr filename, I get the following message:
lpr:  unable to get official name for local machine
How do I inform my computer about its "official name"?



1. lpr: unable to get official name for local machine

The last six weeks at least seven people have experienced problems with the
lpr command. (during or right after installation). In several newsgroups
questions were made and (a few) answers were given.
See Deja News archives,, do a search on "linux lpr"
and scan a few of the messages.

What is the problem?
When using the lpr command it gives an error message and nothing is

date | lpr
lpr unable to get official name for local machine.

Set your machine name!

Some more information.
- A few persons have mentioned Slackware 3.4 but (to my knowledge) no other
distributions are mentioned.
- The Slackware 3.4 installation uses a default machine name on
installation. The advice to set up a new name is not realy getting anything

Does anybody know how to solve this 'local machine name' problem? I'm a
linux beginner and stuck too :-(

Thanks, Andre Steenveld.

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