WIN95 (I need HELP!!)

WIN95 (I need HELP!!)

Post by Chris Dur » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Ok. I am new to Linux. I have the a1-a5 disksets of linux-slackware and GZip
and Rawrite. Is there anything else I need? Also, I am running Win95 and I need
help w/ installing linux. I have left the disksets unaltered. I need to be able
to run linux for my personal use, but win95 for my family and myself also. Is
there a way to do this? Could you e-mail me detailed but simple instructions?


1. getting win95 shares on win95 machines to map with a login script with samba and win95

This may be a win95 question
I have 2 win95 boxes logging into a samba "domain" and running login
I have the two machines both running login scripts and mapping drives
on the samba server no problem at all
but when u add shares that are on other win95 machines it always
prompts me for a password no matter how many times i log into them
it is driving me nuts
i have already deleted the password files on both 95 machines and
tryied it over it still prompts me for a password but only on the
win95 shares the ones on the samba server go thru no problem and no
if anyone knows how to do this it would be a great help

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