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I have enhanced and improved the XFree86 Video7 driver for HT216-32 chipset.

If you would like a copy for testing/using, drop me an e-mail, and I will send
you a uuencoded gzip'd tar file containing the driver source suitable for compiling
(using the x311 "Link-it" package) and also a pre-compiled XF86_SVGA server containing
the new driver.

From the README file:


I have made some changes and enhancements to the XFree86 Video7 driver.

    - Added support for 1024x768x256
    - Added support for switchability between 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480
         resolutions using <CTRL><ALT><+ or ->
    - Improved the performance of the driver.  Screen "static" (sometimes
      seen on 800x600 modes) is now gone, and the overall performance appears
      to be faster.

This code has not yet been submitted to XFree86 as of 7-10-95.

This "package" contains the V7 driver source code and Makefiles, just as
they would appear in the XFree86 distribution.  If you wish to compile your
own SVGA server, I suggest you get the "Link-it" package, available from:
Get the package, install it, then go to
..../lib/Server/drivers/vga256/video7.  Delete all files in the video7
directory, and then copy all .c, .s, and make files from this package into
the video7 directory.  From here, follow all directions in the Link-it
package to build and install a new SVGA server.  One note -- the file
"dbug_code.c" is not needed unless some heavy-duty debugging is to be
done.  If this is the case, e-mail me for more information.

If you don't want to go through all that rigamarole, just copy the XF86_SVGA
server in this package to the appropriate location on your system (probably
/usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_SVGA).  IMPORTANT: the XF86_SVGA server included does NOT
contain all the drivers.  I hacked out all unused drivers to save space.  It
only contains "generic VGA", "generic SVGA", and "video7".

This Video7 driver still does not support Monochrome mode.

This driver has only been tested on a Headland Technologies HT216-32 chipset.
It should be compatible with older versions of the chipset, but has not been
tested as such.

Any questions, comments, or bug reports should be sent to Matthew Kelly

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1. New improved INN 1.4 for Linux package available

I have uploaded a new `INN 1.4 for Linux' package (version 0.1) to The full path is:

It contains a revised installation procedure in the INSTALL file (totally
rewritten) for a site with one UUCP connection. The Unix domain socket
patches from the first version are not necessary anymore.

It also contains a patch for bash 1.12 to let it work more or less with INN
1.4. As an alternative you can use NetBSD's ash for Linux (available in
the same directory).


LSM entry:

35:PkgName    =inn-1.4-linux
35:Title      =INN 1.4 for Linux
25:Version    =0.1
65:Desc1      =INN is a sophisticated news transport package with support
65:Desc2      =for both NNTP and UUCP. It is especially useful for big news
65:Desc3      =sites with lots of NNTP feeds/readers. Supports NOV.

65:PathFile1  =/pub/linux/ports/inn-1.4-linux-0.1.tar.gz
65:MaintAt2   =
65:PathFile2  =
65:Required1  =A *very good* Bourne shell imitation (ash-linux-0.1,
65:Required2  =bash 1.13). bash 1.12 has some bugs (patch included).
65:Required3  =
65:CopyPolicy =
65:Keywords   =INN usenet news nntp uucp nov overview
15:ApproxSize =23755
65:Last3Rel   =0.0
65:Comment1   =The package includes a patch for bash 1.12 to get it more or
65:Comment2   =less working with INN 1.4. The example configuration files
65:Comment3   =are for a UUCP only site.

 8:Date       =23AUG93



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