sound doesn't release /dev/dsp on logout

sound doesn't release /dev/dsp on logout

Post by Mladen Gavrilovi » Mon, 26 Nov 2001 07:33:00

Hi all,

I have a problem which only happened recently.  For some reason /dev/dsp
is not released when a user logs out.  I have to manually change
ownership from user to user depending on who needs to use it.  I
recently changed kernels to 2.4.12, but I think everything is set in the
kernel, since it works when I change ownership manually.

So does anyone know what's failing?  I'm using a customized RH 7,
SoundBlaster 16 and OPL-3 drivers compiled in (config options are passed
to lilo at boot time).  Once again, the sound drivers are NOT modular.
Does anyone know what's going wrong?