how can I change my screen definition?

how can I change my screen definition?

Post by Stefano Vezzan » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Today I installed for the first time Red Hat 6.2. How can I change the
screen definition? It starts with a 640x480 definition, which is not

Thanks in advance.


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Greetings, I have an SBus based system with three Turbo GX cards.  By

the refresh rate to 76 Hz.  The other day I saw a pointer here to the
FrameBuffer FAQ <>, which lead me to
the handy fbinfo and fbconf tools by David Tong.  Both of these correctly
identified the TGX cards, and fbconf generated a nifty script to up the
refresh rates to 76 Hz:

 eeprom use-nvramrc\?=true
 eeprom nvramrc='probe-all
: vsetup1 " 108000000,71808,76,32,128,192,1152,2,4,31,900,COLOR,0OFFSET"

: vsetup2 " 108000000,71808,76,32,128,192,1152,2,4,31,900,COLOR,0OFFSET"

 eeprom fcode-debug\?=true

running at 76 Hz.  (Hooray, and it is significantly easier on the eyes.)
Unfortunately, the other two screens are still stuck at 66 Hz.  I tried
some of the other tips in FrameBuffer.html, but I couldn't get them to

Any ideas from you people out there with multiple screens?

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