RH7.0 and SMC Nic card.

RH7.0 and SMC Nic card.

Post by James M. Wadkin » Tue, 30 Jan 2001 07:15:37

I have a SMC 83C795QF 10Mbs nic ( ISA ) that I would like to use in my
server for my cable modem sise. What driver should i use for this card
and RH7.0 does not detect it.
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RH7.0 and SMC Nic card.

Post by Michael Muelle » Tue, 30 Jan 2001 08:15:56

Hi James,

> I have a SMC 83C795QF 10Mbs nic ( ISA ) that I would like to use in my

There is no card with this name from SMC. It is only the name of the

Quote:> server for my cable modem sise. What driver should i use for this card
> and RH7.0 does not detect it.

From the Ethernet-HOWTO:


> SMC 8416 (EtherEZ)

> Status -- Supported

> This card uses SMC's 83c795 chip and supports the Plug 'n Play specification. It also has an SMC Ultra compatible mode, which allows it to be used with the Linux Ultra driver. In this
> compatibility mode, it uses shared memory instead of programmed i/o. Be sure to set your card for this compatibility mode. See the above information for notes on the Ultra driver.

> Note that the EtherEZ specific checks were added to the SMC Ultra driver in 1.1.84, and hence earlier kernel versions will not detect or handle these cards correctly.

Since current kernels (2.0.38, 2.2.18 and 2.4.0) use version 2.02 of the
driver it should work for you. You however should not wait for ISA cards
being auto-detected.



1. need help with SMC Ultra nic and RH7.0

Hey all.

Hoping someone using an SMC Ultra and Redhat 7.0 reads this. I've
exhausted all idea of how to resolve this. Here's the lowdown:

The nic worked great on RH 6.1 and 6.2; after a clean install of RH7.0
I used linuxconf to setup my SMC-ultra. When I try to ping the box
with windoze I get no response. When I ping the windoze box from linux
the entire machine locks up (console totally hung, requires power
cycle). Pinging localhost and the linux box ip ( works

I've replaced the card with an identical SMC with the same results
using the same IRQ and io. Tried using the wd module thinking it
sometimes works with SMC cards, same result.

When the card/module is activated ifconfig eth0 shows the correct IRQ
and io. When I ping the box from windoze the RX packets stays at 0 but
the errors starts climbing.

If I do a /etc/rc.d/init.d/network stop it shuts down no problem.
Here's where it gets interesting...

On occasion when I do 'ifconfig eth0 down' it will say 'HW address
read/write mismatch', but only occasionally.

/proc shows the card using interrupt 10, and io 0x300, memory
0xcc000-0xcffff. It all looks correct to me. I've tried running the
card at IRQ 3 io 0x280 and it still gives me grief.

Dmesg shows the same as /proc with no scary messages excluding the
occasional 'HW address read/write mismatch'.

I'm about to backrev to 6.1 if I cant get this card working again, an
excuse to test the backups I made. If that doesnt work maybe a $20 PCI
nic is in order.

Sorry I cant copy any of the screens over. Thanks for any ideas or
wild assumtions.

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