RH5 install on 6.4GB HD fails!

RH5 install on 6.4GB HD fails!

Post by Nicklas Norlin » Sun, 05 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I'd sure like some help with this. Just got a WD36400 + WD31600 on my secondary IDE channel.
Want to use the Master drive (WD36400) as a whole linux partition for RH5 ftp install. Everything
nice, format and swap setup and badblock checks, mounting. When I try to (and the install progg)
on the partition it just screams of errors. Wrong number of inodes and such. I've ready so many
FAQ's etc. so my eyes bleed!
What is going on?
Please, I'm getting desperate!!!

The new master drive partitions and formats well with FAT32. File creation is successful, BIOS auto
nicely and all. Is there some strange size limit I can't find?

/Nicklas Norling


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