Linux as gateway with 2 network cards...

Linux as gateway with 2 network cards...

Post by Jeff » Mon, 05 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I had Linux setup nicely to dialup to my ISP to service a couple of
computers to the Internet.  HOWTOs of IP Masquerading helped a lot.  Now I
have a cable modem which uses a network card.

So basically what I need to know is how to setup 2 network cards under
Linux...I can get each working individually but not simultaneously.  Other
than that, the setup should be identical to that with my modem, except I
don't dial anywhere.  Right?

Thanks for any directions.


1. Gateway E5200 machine doesn't detect network cards with linux kernel over 2.2.12

My apologies for crossposting, but I've no idea if this is a kernel
issue or a paculiarity of the network card I'm using or if it's the
actual motherboard... and I'm completely stumped.

I've got a Gateway 2000 E-5200 machine (with latest BIOS update)
running Debian Linux with a Microdyne PCI network card.

When I use kernel 2.2.12 (the standard one distributed with Debian),
the "insmod lance io=0x300" works just fine and there are no problems
with using the network.

However, if I try any newer kernels, specifically 2.2.13, 2.2.14, and
2.4.18 (again, the standard Debian ones), the driver reports that it
can't find the card and all subsequent ifconfig operations fail.

It doesn't seem to be a problem with the network card. If I try a
spare SMC PCI card that uses the DEC Tulip chip, a "insmod tulip"
*wiil* report successfully finding the card and ifconfig/route
commands seem to operate correctly. However, I can never actually
*use* the card. If I try to ping any other address, I get 100% packet
loss (with NO ACTIVITY showing on the activity led on the card... so
it's like the card is never even sending out the outbound packets).

Has anyone had a problem like this? Any idea what could be causing

Thanks in advance.

- Joe

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