Red Hat Linux 5.1 and Sony CDU 711 CD-ROM Drive

Red Hat Linux 5.1 and Sony CDU 711 CD-ROM Drive

Post by Rick Moe » Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:00:00

: You may already know this, but try "dmesg | grep hd" (without the quotes).
: Posting the output here would at least keep people like me from wondering
: if /dev/hdc is even the right device for your drive.

: Not knowing the drive, is it SCSI or IDE? Since you're saying hdc, I HOPE
: it's IDE.

FYI, it's an ATAPI ("IDE") CDR drive.  I looked it up.

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If there is an FAQ regarding this question please let me know where to find

I have a machine on which I am trying to install Red Hat Linux 4.2.  I have
created the lilo floppy and the
system boots from it. It then asks where I wish to load the distribution
from. I choose local CD-ROM.
choose a SONY CDU-31a CD-ROM. If I use autoprobe I get the message "can't
find the CD anywhere on
your system". When I try again using the specify parameters and set them I
get the same message.

I am using 0340 for the base address and IRQ-5 DMA channel-3.  Has anyone
used this type
of CD-ROM if so what parameters need to be set in order to get Linux to
recognize the CD-ROM.

BTW the CD-ROM works fine under DOS or WIN-95 so it does not appear to be a


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