Misc Questions(Bootup warnings,Colors...).

Misc Questions(Bootup warnings,Colors...).

Post by Yang-Cheng Hsi » Tue, 04 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I use floopy to bootup my linux. However, everytime I would get the following
warning messages during bootup. Here are some that I can't figure out how to
fix. I would appreciate if you can give me some advice about this:

1. "/etc/fstab doesn't contain fsck passno."

   I know that I need to add something to /etc/fstab, but don't know how.

2. "Error: module's 'kernel_version' doesn't match the current kernel...      
   Recompile the module with the correct 'kernel_version'."

   Which module is the module that I should look at? How to recompile it with
   the correct kernel version?(I have upgraded my kernel many times, and I did
   copy the latest zImage to my bootup floopy.)

3. "_printk, _register_chrdev, _ftape_big_buffer, _unregistration_chrdev,
    _current, _jiffies, schedule, request_irq, request_dma, free_irq,
    _enable_irq, _free_dma, _disable_irq" Undefined....

   I know that I probably included some devices that I don't have during
   configuration. But not quite sure what devices do those variables belong

Two other questions:

1. I ran Netscape under Linux. How come the color isn't as good as in Windows
   environment where I configure my color display to 16 million? Is this
   the nature of XFree86?(I am using SVGA X server, and "ditch to color
   cube" in Netscape, since the "choose the closest color cube" option makes  
   it look even worse.)

2. How to switch between consoles when I am in xterm. Alt+F# doesn't work as
   in shell prompt.

Any advice? Please help. I'll very appreciate it!



1. "Warning: old IOCTL error" at bootup

  I recently installed the NET-2 tar files on my 0.99.10 setup.
The basic 99.10 continues to work fine, but at boot time I get
a stream of "Warning: old IOCTL error" messages, apparently from
/etc/inet/rc.net.  Has anyone else seen this?  Should I upgrade
to 0.99.12, or is there a simpler fix?  My ultimate goal is to
use SLIP with minimal fuss, but I don't have the SLIP feed yet
and would prefer to get the Linux problems out of the way first.

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