Tiling Background Images

Tiling Background Images

Post by Dale Churchet » Sun, 21 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have just installed RH 5.0 as my first Linux system and I have been
trying to find out how I can specify an image to tile on the root screen
on start up.

I can set this once MetroX has started using the Preferences->Background
setting. I have looked on the HOWTOs, searched the newsgroups, read
'Linux Secrets' and looked at the MetroX site.

I've also looked throught the man page on fvwm but can't find what I'm
looking for.

I know you can set the image using xsetroot, but I that only takes one
image and blows it up to the screen res.

Does anyone know of an option to include in the xsetroot command, or any
other way of achieving this simple effect?

Thanks in advance.


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