Help: Upgrade from Redhat 7.1 to Redhat 7.2 results internet problem

Help: Upgrade from Redhat 7.1 to Redhat 7.2 results internet problem

Post by Charlie Huan » Mon, 12 Nov 2001 04:40:44

I have an Pentium Pro 200 System and running RedHat 7.1 as my
firewall/router with no
problem. But I got big problem after upgarde to RedHat 7.2.
The problem is: My internet (DSL connection) will be dead after this
firewall box (RH7.2) running couple hours, i am not sure is it in sleeping
mode or not? if so, then how can I solve it? and I check /var/log/messages,
it shows "ip.conntrack: table full, dropping packet". What's that mean? is
it cause the problem?



1. problem upgrading from Redhat 7.1 to 7.2

Hello all. I hope someone here can help me. ;) I've been using Linux
as my primary OS at work for about 6 months now, but still have lots
to learn. ;)

I have a Dell Pentium 4 with two 40-gig hard drives. Drive c: has
Win2k on it, and the other drive has a linux filesystem (at least it
did before I upgraded - haven't been able to look since). Before I
started it was running Redhat 7.1. I suppose I should also point out
that someone else initially installed the OSes on the machine, so I
didn't get to benefit from that experience.

Well, the upgrading went just fine all the way through until I got to
the part where I had to reboot. Upon booting, the computer makes it
just past the BIOS part of it, and then it says "LI" and hangs. The
linux boot floppy also doesn't work. I eventually made myself a Win98
boot floppy so I could get it to go somewhere at all (couldn't find
another computer that runs win2k), and found that on the boot floppy,
the "vmlinuz" file did not get updated. I think one of the stupid
mistakes I made was to try and use the same floppy that my 7.1 boot
was on to make the 7.2 boot. Should've just got a blank disk.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll find someone who is running a working 7.2 so I
can get a working boot floppy.

But that still doesn't solve the problem of why it won't boot from the
hard drive. The other thing I can think of that might have caused it
is, I decided to try the GRUB loader. In the install instructions, it
said if I was running win2k, I should put GRUB on the hdb5 partition
(or whatever it was) rather than the MBR. Guess I should've stuck with
my (working) LILO. :/

So does anyone have any suggestions? Tomorrow I have a vague notion to
try booting from the install floppy again and see if I can get it to
make another boot floppy, but other than that I don't know what to do.

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