Has anyone used large EIDE drives with Linux?

Has anyone used large EIDE drives with Linux?

Post by bill davids » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm seriously thinking of using a few cheap 6G EIDE drives for a
small database, rather than going with SCSI. The hit rate will be
quite low, but the data are large, which seems to negate any
arguments about SCSI providing overlapped seeks or faster transfer
rates. Neither of these are issues here, I need to find a few K of
data a few hundred times an hour.

If anyone has done this I'd like to be reassured. The money is not a
big issue, but I see no need to spend $2k for a 9G SCSI when I can
get 6.4G for $450 just because I have the funding.

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1. Anyone having trouble installing Linux on a drive using EZ Drive should read this post.

To avoid getting INVALID OS errors from EZ Drive you must do the following:

                1) Install LILO on your Linux partition's boot record not the
                   Master Boot Record.
                2) Using FDISK, put the boot flag on your Linux partition.

That is all.
I hope it helps somebody.

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