Slackware 3.0/1.3.20 kernel CD-ROM boot-up problems

Slackware 3.0/1.3.20 kernel CD-ROM boot-up problems

Post by Paul Mill » Sat, 28 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I just received the Slackware 3.0 CDs and installed 1.2.13 without
problems (except it failed to detect my ATAPI EIDE CD-ROM, whereas
1.2.8 did with the same configuration).
However, I heard about the support for WD large EIDE drives
(and OnTrack DiskMangler) in the 1.3.x kernels (1.3.20 kernel was
on the CD) so I did the make config and built the 1.3.20 kernel and
installed it.

During boot-up, everything went fine until it tried to detect the
CD-ROM (ATAPI IDE). That broke, then it got confused about what the
hard disks were, then it bombed out with a page fault (or whatever
the message was in the kernel README), and I had to hard-reset to
boot back off a previous kernel.

Unfortunately I didn't write down the message (it was last night and
late), but I thought it was specific enough (during CD-ROM detect)
that someone else might have seen this.

Here is my setup:

PCI P90 / 16MB
PCI video
Primary EIDE controller:
        850MB Western Digital (MSDOS, On-Track Disk Manager)
        420MB Western Digital (MSDOS)
Secondary EIDE controller:
        420B Western Digital (Swap,Linux)
        Mitsumi FX400 CD-ROM
Sound Blaster 16
MPU-401 (Sound Canvas)
No network card

When I configured the kernel, I enabled the optimized PCI bridge (which
seems to work at boot-up), disabled SCSI, enabled networking (to get
TCP/IP so I can use PPP - I have no network card), enabled new IDE
drivers, enabled sound blaster/MPU-401, disabled kernel hacking.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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                       from /usr/include/sys/socket.h:5,
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This happens with both slirp 0.95h and slirp 0.9o.  The gcc version
is whatever came with Slackware 3.0 (2.7 I think.)  The kernel is 1.3.20
and the kernel sources are installed.

If I can't get help with the compiling problem, I'd settle for a binary.
(With apologies to the author, who hates that.)

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