Graphics mode in BG, non X

Graphics mode in BG, non X

Post by Dan Merillat [DT » Sun, 18 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have a problem with any svgalib based programs- when I run them on one VC,
if I swap to another, they freeze until I switch back.  Normally, this would
not be a problem, but sometimes I want to plot to the screen in graphics
mode what I have calculated (fractals/raytraces)  and want to check up on
it from time to time W/O having to actually BE in that session for it to
work.   Any ideas?  

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1. Switching from an Xwin graphics mode to a terminal mode

Dear all,

I am trying to switch from an Xwindows graphical mode on my screen to a
terminal screen. If you're running linux and you press cntrl+alt+Fx {where
1<=x<=7), then you can switch from the Xwindows session to that terminal
screen tty[x]. What I am trying to do is to "automate" this in a
program;Do you know what functio call to make? Is there a way to replicate
the process of sending in cntrl+alt+fx to the keyboard by passing say some
xters to the keyboard input stream?Any idea how to tackle this? THANK YOU

Omon Edeki

"Never.Never Give Up."

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