Help - RH5.0 X video problem on STB Horizon 64 PCI

Help - RH5.0 X video problem on STB Horizon 64 PCI

Post by Ken Umbac » Wed, 07 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I installed RH5.0 after downloading from sunsite and things seem OK
until starting X server. Break out in green vertical pinstripes which
reboot cures nicely.

I am running X86free on a Cyrix 6X86 P166+, STB Horizon 64 PCI 2 MB
video card, and NEC 3Ds Multisync monitor. Video and monitor selections
on Xconfigurator match except STB Horizon (does "64 PCI" refer to a
different card?) and NEC 3D (I understand suffix "s" refers to extra

I am waiting on STB to reply back with chipset details. Does anyone have
NEC3D Multisync scan rate details? NEC site doesn't have details on this
"ancient" monitor.

I really would like to get into X. Anyone able to help? Please post



1. Video Timings on (1995) STB Horizon 64 PCI Vid-Card

I am having trouble wth setting this card up to a decent configuration

I can get it to run with the , 'default vga " video setting of 320x200

but have all kinds of trouble when trying to set it for any decent
higher resolution timings . The best I have gotten so far , is X
running with 3x - horz - foldover . or double fold-over.
I am using a Princeton Ultra 14 ni Monitor with
Vertical frequency range - 50 - 90 hz .
Horiz frequencies of - 31.5 , 35.5 , 38 , and 48 khz.

The video card , (STB Horizon 64 PCI) with 1mb Dram installed now .
it has 2 sockets to upgrade it to 2 mb Dram .

It can do 1024x768x256 , 800x600x256 , 640x480x256 , all at True color
mode , In Win 95 , but I am new to linux and would really like to get
this puppy to run good in my linux setup .I'd be happy with the 800 ,
460 ,& 400 modes , so I can study the linux concepts in X-windows .

XF86Setup doesn't work probably cause my monitor has discrete single
horzizontal frequencies listed .
keeps telling me that cant connect to the  X - Server .

So I have had to hand - edit with XF86Config .
I have been juggling the mode - lines / Trying variations on the
existing timings for vesta standards , keep Rolling ,vertical , and
what looks like Too fast horizontal frequencies .

Is Linux just for Engineers , and Technicians to Tweak around with
, or Is there a way for , 'Ordinary Mortals to get some support for a
video card that is only a year or two old ? .
STB Horizon 64 PCI , There must be some info somewhere .
I have looked in the Sunsite LDP etc. and , /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/Docs .
any help is of course greatly appreciated .
Thanks .
John W Mislan

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