SCSI Harddisks not found! (FD-TMC850)

SCSI Harddisks not found! (FD-TMC850)

Post by Peter Stehl » Sun, 14 Sep 1997 04:00:00

My 486DX has one IDE drive where I have Linux Red Hat 2.0.3 installed.

This works fine except that my additional installed SCSI harddisks
cannot be seen from Linux.
My SCSI controller (FD-TMC850) works fine and recognizes the drives
during the boot up procedure. In earlier days I used this computer as
a Novell 3.12 Server, and within Novell, the harddisks could be
accessed fine.
Anyone knows how to make the harddisks visible to Linux?

Peter Stehlik


1. FD-TMC850


I've a TMC850 without BIOS, on IRQ 5 and 0xCa000, connected to a streamer (I
don't remember the manufacturerbut he's well-known and good, the ref is 3806).
At boot I've the following message:

FDC 0 is a 8272A
scsi0 : TMC-8XX/TMC-950 at irq 5, address 0xCA000
scsi : 1 host.
scsi : detected total.

But it doesn't detect my streamer.
When I've build the kernel (1.2.11) I've chosen SCSI tape support and the good
driver. I've made the changes in lilo.conf, but nothing has changed.

Does anybody know how to do it work ?

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