REQ: Help mounting SCSI drive

REQ: Help mounting SCSI drive

Post by Michael Heimin » Mon, 28 May 2001 18:17:18

> REQ: Help mounting SCSI drive

> I've got Linux RedHat v 7.1 on two burned CDs.  The system is an AMD
> K6-500, with a CDROM, floppy, an IDE hard drive (set up with the
> RedHat), and a SCSI drive on an adapter.  BIOS finds the SCSI adapter,
> and the adapter finds Device 0, the drive.  Now the only issue is that
> the SCSI drive is in Xenix.

> I'm the newest kid on the block, and I'm learning all the terminal
> commands and my way around Gnome.  When I try to mount the SCSI, I
> can't get it done.  First, I had to reboot a couple times until I saw
> that Linux was naming the SCSI drive as /dev/sda  (I think!).  I tried
> this mount command:
>         mount -t xenix /dev/sda /mnt/SCSI

The partition should be /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2,...
Try "fdsik -l" to check.
Try "mount -t auto ..."
Case everything is working put your partition in /etc/fstab to
mount it auto magically, case of reboot.
"man mount" for more info

Good luck

Michael Heiming




What kind of scsi controller do you have for you hard disk? Which
version of Linux are you running?

You could try:
  mount /dev/sda4 /zip -t msdos

to mount the zip drive, but that assumes that your kernel has the
scsi driver compiled in, and that you have msdos file system support
and that you have a directory called /zip created.

Might want to do some reading in the HOWTO documents and man pages.

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