who to use the gcc

who to use the gcc

Post by JOCHEN REITZI » Thu, 26 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I always have problems compiling packages, because I never know how to
edit the makefiles etc...
Can anybody recommend me literature explaining how the gcc works, and
how to install the different libraries that are needed.

    Thanks, in advance, Jochen


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| How can he produce non-format (neutral, headerless, whatever) executables using
| as and GCC? I have looked in the respective manpages and FAQs, expecting to
| find an answer to give him there, but to no avail. Since I'm not into the
| assembly thing myself, I must clarify: by "non-format" I mean executable code
| in the same format as, for example, the Linux kernel is.

Why not look at the way Linux builds the kernel?

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