IRQ 1 Already In Use

IRQ 1 Already In Use

Post by w.. » Sun, 25 Jan 1998 04:00:00


   I will be running 'make config' in preparation for recompiling my
kernel and, when confronted with the parameters for my sound card, will
set my Sound Blaster DMA to 1.  This is what my Sound Blaster manual tells
me is the default DMA channel.

   When booting, I get the message that IRQ-1 is already in use and it
apparently reassigns my DMA channel to 0.  Indeed, IRQ 1 seems to be my
keyboard according to irqtune but I thought a DMA channel was something
very different from an IRQ!

   The message appears to be informative only and the boot process seems
to "correct" the condition by itself but I wonder if something should be
done by me to accomodate things better.  Specifically, should I consider
changing my sound card's default DMA channel or not worry about it?

   Everything compiles and runs fine (including sound, apparently,
although I wonder at the low quality sometimes).  Any insights, comments
or suggestions would be appreciated.  I will look to the newsgroup for
responses of course but feel free to e-mail the address below.



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