DataFlex VoiceSurfer Modem with Linux

DataFlex VoiceSurfer Modem with Linux

Post by Mick Gowe » Tue, 21 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am very new to Linux having installed SuSE 5.2 the other day. I am
having a lot of trouble getting my modem to dial.

Having gone through the manual, which states it needs Windows 95 to run,
I am slowly forming the opinion it may be a sort of winmodem, but not
knowing what one of them is I am struggling.

Has anyone else managed to get a Dataflex Voicesurfer 34 up and running.
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Has anybody gotten a Motorola VoiceSurfer 28.8 modem to work with linux?
I tried to get it to work with a chat/pppd script and it hangs up after
sending a login to the xylogic annex.

This is for a friend not me, as I have it working okay with another ISPs
xylogic annex, but I have a USR 33.6.  This script is basically the same
as what I am using, so I don't get why it hangs up.  Also, the modem takes
*so* long to initialize before deciding to dial.  Could there be an IRQ
problem here?

thanxs, in advance,
regards, Brian


Brian Olmsted, 4th year Honour BSc, Computer Science, Brock U

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