AIC 7890 RedHat 6.0 Problem

AIC 7890 RedHat 6.0 Problem

Post by Max » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Dear all,

I have problem when I tired to install Redhat 6.0 on a ASUS P2B-DS System.
No matter which installation class that I choose, there will be some
strange code display during the process of "make filesystem".

My system configuration is as follow :

ASUS P2B-DS (AIC 7890 chipset)
IBM 9.1 GB DNES-309170 SISC Drive
Dual PIII450 CPU
256 RAM

I tired to install Rehdat 5.2 and Redaht 6.0 but the problem is the same.
It hang at "make filesystem".

I also tired to set the SISC ID to 0 or 1 and disable the  "Extended BIOS
translation for DOS drives > 1 GByte". But it still doesn't work.

Can anyone give me some help or some insights to make the installation

Thanks in advanced


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Yeah, I got a DELL 410 WORKSTATION that has (2) 550MHz processors,
512MB RAM, (2) IBM ULTRASTOR 18GB Drives and a 9GB EIDE drive.  The
SCSI on the motherboard is controlled by ADAPTEC AIC-7890 for the
fast wide stuff (I think they call it SCSI-3/LVD or whatever) and it
also has an ADAPTEC AIC-7880 for the other (2) SCSI cdrom drives, and
a tape drive.  NT4 is installed and see the other disks fine.  


Now I WANT REDHAT 6 Linux on this machine... When I try to install from
cdrom, RH hangs during "Setup SCSI - Scanning Adaptec 2740,2840, 2940 SCSI


Now what?  I cannot build a new kernel unless I can at least install the
software.  I have install RH6 on many other DELL machine in the past and
have never seen the installation just hang.  Could it be a multi-processor
problem?  Could it be a SCSI driver problem?   How do I work around?
Please help, I am stumped.


Chris Stuber (mapsurfer)

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