New Disk and CDROM assigned same drive letter

New Disk and CDROM assigned same drive letter

Post by Dwight William Johns » Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to install Walnut Creek Slackware 3.0 so that I can run it
in conjunction with Win95. I have a 486DX66 with Win95 running on the
compressed 350Mb primary C drive. It is nearly full. My CDROM is
assigned to the D drive. I have installed a secondary Quantum 1280Mb
Fireball. Microsoft fdisk wants to assign D to the new drive and when
it does I get a registry error in Win95 because the CDROM is already
assigned to D.

Until I can get the Quantum working and move some of my programs to
it, I can't decompress the C drive. Until I can decompress the C
drive, I can't install Linux because I have no ramdisk.

What is the best way to get there from here? How do I get the Quantum
drive installed so it doesn't conflict with the CDROM under Win95? How
do I change the drive assignment on the CDROM?

Thanks in advance,
Dwight Johnson


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    I wanted to report a solution to the problem that I posed before.
The answer was staring me in the face. It was in setting the
bios in the Zeos Computer to disable "fast boot".
I did not have the doc on the computer and it was not obvious
of the significance of "fast boot".
   What fast boot did was to disable the floppy from the booting
operation. Previously, the only way that I could get the system
to boot on the floppy was to disable the scsi function in the bios.
So, that was a Catch 22, situation.  I think that that bios could
have been written in a better way with some help built in, at least.


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