FTP installation of RedHat 4.0

FTP installation of RedHat 4.0

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My friend has a laptop, and since he does not have a CDROM, and I do, we were going
to try either an NFS or FTP installation of the 4.0 distribution from RedHat.

Our stopping point in the installation is where it asks us for his network adapter
type.  It gives a list of different kinds of adapters, but he has an IBM Home and Away
PCMCIA ethernet adapter, and that is not in the list.  I have been looking around on the
internet to possibly find some copatabilities with other cards, but have not been
able to do so.  Also, do I need to pass it any parameters upon boot-time?  I'm not
sure how to figure out what IRQ/base addr it (the card) is on.

Does anyone know of how I might configure this card to run or emulate another?  Do
I need to go to 5.0 to get the drivers on the boot/root disks?

Please email in reply


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