Sound blaster PCI128 and Sound blaster live

Sound blaster PCI128 and Sound blaster live

Post by Arun Bhaskar Venkatarang » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

        I am trying to setup linux (rh5.2) on 2 machines currently.
One of the machines has a Soundblaster PCI128 card on it and the other a
Soundblaster Live card.

I tried sndconf on the machine with the PCI128 it did detect it as the ensoniq
sb pci128 card but when it tried to play the sound sample it failed saying

sox: can't open output file /dev/dsp: operation not supported by device

What's the deal?? I tried chmod 666 /dev/dsp to no avail.

As for the SB live card. I have not tried setting up the sound at all.
I keep seeing posts saying that it is as yet unsupported but there was a
message way back in nov or dec 98 that some one had succeded in using the
ensoniq 1370 for it too.

Any help will be appreciated.
PS: Would appreciate it if anyreplies could be emailed to me at