"conf:2 missing module argument" at boot time

"conf:2 missing module argument" at boot time

Post by Mark » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

>I went into dos to change some settings on my 3com 509b nic, and when I
>rebooted into linux I started getting these errors:

>finding module dependencies:
>conf:2 missing module arguments
>/lib/modules/preferred/modules.dep doesn't exist

Shooting from the on-line hip here.....
Maybe while you were editing with DOS you inserted 0D 0A as the line end
I've not found a good unix-line-end friendly editor on Win/Dos..... I use
BBEdit on the Mac for this sort of thing...it inteligently handles different
line ends.

Go into your favorite Hex editor & bash those 0D's.